Activities for Siblings

SNAP understands the huge role siblings play in the lives of their brother or sister with additional needs. SNAP offers a range of opportunities for them to play alongside in a safe and relaxed environment. They also have the chance to meet other siblings who may be going through similar experiences. Siblings are welcome to take part in the following sessions; SNAP on a Monday, Therapeutic Thursdays, SNAPTASTIC and all holiday sessions.

SIBS4FUN summer scheme

Siblings age 6 to 13 years

SIBS4FUN is a summer scheme especially for children whose brothers and sisters have additional needs. It is a chance for them to meet and connect with other children their own age growing up in similar situations. It is also a great opportunity for them to experience a wide range of creative and sporting activities, whilst building confidence and having lots of fun.

The siblings attend all four days providing parents with a wonderful opportunity to spend time with their child with additional needs knowing that the other children are having a fantastic time.

Call the helpline to register your interest on 01277 211300.

Monday to Thursday

Four days in August summer holiday (Monday to Thursday)

Activities for all the family

Discover the wide range of activities that SNAP has to offer for other age groups who have any additional need or disability, their siblings and their parents.

“SNAP is a godsend. The staff are so helpful and understanding. In a world you sometimes feel no-one knows how hard it is. But you come into this friendly, safe place and then you can cope again.”