Fundraising Ideas

The SNAP Team have put together a list of fun ideas that can help inspire you on your fundraising journey!

Whether you decide to volunteer your time to friends and family in exchange for a donation or if you take on one of our new Virtual Challenges, there really is something for everyone!

Below are just a few examples of what you could do.

If you have a new idea in mind and would like some help bringing it to life, the SNAP Fundraising team are always on hand to assist you!

When it comes to coming up with a fundraising idea for SNAP the sky is the limit… quite literally!

We understand that picking a fundraising event can be an early stumbling block for many fundraisers so the team at SNAP have put together the list below of quick and easy ideas to get you started or inspire you to create your own idea! As always, if you need any guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Channel your inner designer and get creative. Selling customised t-shirts is a fundraising idea where your buyers will also be advertising SNAP as they walk around! You can produce t-shirts online using a provider such as or you can design one and add it onto t-shirts using t-shirt transfer paper – available to buy from Amazon and other retailers. NOTE: When using the SNAP logo please send any proposed design to [email protected] so that logo approval use can be granted. You will receive a quick response.
  • Organise a silly sports day. The Tokyo Olympics are here so it’s a great time to hold an activity event for families and friends. Find a location, decide on your teams, come up with a list of the activities e.g. egg and spoon, obstacle course or tug-of-war! Charge an entry fee from your participants. Add to your event with refreshments, a raffle or even a medal ceremony! Or how about a board games or movie night – with a charge for admission?


  • Host a games night. Hold a classroom or family and friends board games night, you charge an entrance fee that you could donate to SNAP.


  • Hold a clothes swapping party. Everyone has clothes they don’t want to wear anymore. Host a clothes swapping party and invite your friends along to ’shop’ to swap their clothes for new items of clothing. Display clothes on table tops or it might be possible to set everything up on retail racks to enhance your ‘shoppers’ experience. Charge a nominal fee to attend the event. As a virtual alternative, ‘shoppers’ could post pictures of their items in a closed Facebook group for others to claim on a first-come-first-served basis.


  • Produce a cook book! Ask your friends to contribute with their favourite recipes or maybe even a secret family recipe. You could create different chapters for your target audience e.g. for young adults it could be brunch, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks! You could either print out, bind or staple your creation or create a digital version. Ask for a fixed donation per cookbook.


  • Movie Night! Let’s face it, nothing beats a night at the movies. You can invite family and friends for a film screening. You could even hold one in your classroom after school – with your teacher’s permission of course!


  • Take on a sponsored challenge. Challenge yourself and friends to walk, run or cycle a certain distance over a set period of time and you’ll be exercising while supporting SNAP! You can all travel the whole distance as a team or take it on in a relay format. Just get sponsored to complete. Download an app such as ‘My Virtual Mission’ and you can keep track of your progress and see where you are as a street view. There are lots of fun route suggestions on our website including roam around Rome, conquer the Nile, escape from Alcatraz, walk the Great Wall of China or closer to home go from Land’s End to John O’Groats or take a tour of Essex. Click here to visit our Virtual Challenge Page.


  • Go on a scavenger hunt. Organise small groups to enter the ‘hunt’ and charge a fixed amount to take part. Devise a map or a list of items for everyone to find. Add a competitive edge to the hunt with a time frame that the list has to be completed in. Reward points per item found, as well as additional points for the teams who complete the list first, second and third. You could even add in bonus activities for extra points by asking teams to take photos in front of some of the items they find.


  • Love to dance? Why not hold your own dance class and charge friends, family and classmates a small amount to attend!


  • Get your own back with a teacher challenge! Can you challenge your teacher to raise funds for SNAP? If you reach a fundraising target would they come to school with their clothes on backwards? Let a pupil be in charge of a lesson? Why not get creative and see what you can come up with!


What ever your idea, these handy SNAP resources will help you fundraising journey be a success. Just complete to form on this page to download our fundraising pack!

Stay safe whilst fundraising 

The health and the safety of all our supporters is always our number one priority. We want you to be safe whilst planning your fundraising event. Please make sure that you refer to latest government guidance on Covid-19 to help you in planning for your safe and successful fundraising activities. Thank you so much for supporting SNAP.


For more information about fundraising in aid of SNAP, please see our Fundraising Guidelines.



If you have any queries about donating to SNAP then please email us at [email protected] or ring 01277 245345.

Download your SNAP Fundraising Toolkit

Alternatively, get in touch on 01277 245345 or email [email protected].

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“SNAP is always on the lookout for enthusiastic schools and students who want to support a good cause,”
says Robert Dennis, SNAP’s Fundraising Co-ordinator.

Fancy dressed for success


Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 at Shenfield High School took part in a sponsored fancy dress run, organised by two Year 12 pupils Karen and Naimah.

“SNAP is a charity close to me and my family; they have helped us and I wanted to give something back,” explained caring Karen.

“The run went really well, we had wonderful weather! Everyone was really supportive and got into the spirit with the range of different costumes – we had just over 300 students taking part,” she said.

The event raised £1,182 to be split equally between SNAP and the school’s PE department extra curriculum budget.

Headteacher Carole Herman said: “It’s very important for the school to play an active part in supporting the local community and SNAP is a cause we all believe in.”

By George!
Teenager’s Quiz Night is unquestionably a hit

One pupil at St John Payne School in Chelmsford went the extra mile for SNAP by organising a special quiz evening.

George, 15, not only made sure the event took place, he took on the role of quiz master and helped write the questions for the friends, family, fellow pupils and staff who attended. He also arranged for live music from the Showchoir in Chelmsford on the night, as well as producing publicity material for the event and talking directly to local businesses, asking for raffle prizes.

The result was a fantastic £1,150 raised for SNAP, which George and mum Anne were delighted to present to the charity at its Warley centre.

“We decided on a Quiz Night because George has a special interest in them and we wanted to do something that he could personally be involved in,” said Anne.

The event was held in the run up to World Autism Awareness Week and Anne said SNAP’s role in helping young people with autism made the charity a worthy recipient of money raised by the Quiz Night.  The National Autistic Society also benefitted from the evening.

“SNAP has been a major influence on our lives and their positive guidance over the years has taught us to embrace the differences that autism brings,” she said.

SNAP’s Fundraising Co-ordinator, Robert Dennis, said, “George put a huge amount of work into the Quiz Night and the success of the event, and the fantastic amount of money raised, would not have happened without George.”

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