Parents Activities

Parents benefit from the social and supportive aspects of meeting with others at their children’s SNAP activities, but sometimes it is good to have an opportunity to relax together without their children.

Parent Yoga

For parents of children/young people with special needs

Suitable for complete beginner or those with some experience.

“I both enjoy and benefit in terms of general wellbeing – quite substantially by attending these yoga sessions – really brilliant. “

The yoga sessions aim to improve both mental and physical well-being. They incorporate both gentle, restorative yoga as well as postures that will energise and build strength, so helping to release tension from the body and mind, bringing us into a calm, more relaxed state.

“Yoga is accessible to just about everybody,” says SNAP’s yoga teacher Sarah.

“Most people find that after their first class they will often sleep better, and this is mostly due to learning to let go of both physical and mental tension in the body which allows us to truly rest. Yoga is about bringing together the mind and body in a non-competitive way; bringing greater awareness of what we are feeling and experiencing.”

She adds: “Mindfulness – which is an integral part of any yoga practice – has proven health benefits in helping to reduce anxiety and depression, and improve mood and wellbeing, by teaching people to be able to stand back from their thoughts and worries and to respond rather than react to their life stresses.”

“The breathing and deep relaxation techniques have been proven to reduce stress, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, along with reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.”

Call 01277 211300 for further information

SNAP would like to thank Brentwood Borough Council and Livewell for their support of Parent Yoga.



Term time – 9.30am to 10.30am

Coffee Mornings

For parents and grandparents of children/young people with special needs

Occasional dates for a particular focus group.

“It’s such a relief to be able to sit and chat to other mums and dads who really ‘get’ what I’m going through. I’ve learnt so much from listening to other people’s experiences too.“

These opportunities give parents a chance to chat with each other, share experiences and information, and receive support from a parent adviser or guest speaker.

Previous coffee mornings have focused on a particular diagnosis; children who have recently started school; those in special schools; grandparents; plus other topics.

Keep a look out for your email alerts and the Training page of our website for future opportunities.

Call 01277 211300 for further information

Occasional Wednesdays

Term time – 11.15am to 1.15pm

Activities for all the family

Discover the wide range of activities that SNAP has to offer for other age groups who have any special need or disability, their siblings and their parents.

“As a parent it’s the support you offer all the family, not just the children, that has surprised me the most.”