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The SNAP Centre – based in Brentwood – offers a safe and nurturing environment for children and young people aged 0 to 25 years who have any special need or disability, their siblings and their parents/carers.

At SNAP there is so much to help you as a parent/carer of a child with additional needs. Our unique centre offers wonderful specialist resources for parents and children and an activity programme for children of all ages from 0-25 and their siblings.

You can relax while your children enjoy the facilities, benefit from the chance to talk to others in similar situations and when you need some guidance our Family Support Advisers are here to listen and offer practical advice. Our specialist library is also available if you would like to do some research into your child’s particular difficulties.

SNAP offers a unique and diverse calendar of specialist talks and events for parents and professionals. They range from large presentations, workshops aimed at parents of children with particular difficulties or to help with a specific issue, and parent courses of more than one session, focusing on a particular diagnosis or issue.

If you are having a particularly difficult time and would like to discuss your concerns in private, you can make an appointment to meet with one of our advisers. Talking through issues in this way helps to bring alternatives and solutions to light.

Families who have a child with special needs often experience additional stresses and problems and sometimes it can become overwhelming. We offer a counselling service, which provides additional emotional support when it is hard to cope. Parents can have one-to-one sessions with a counsellor, or parent and child sessions can be arranged with a Family Counsellor.

No formal diagnosis or professional referral is necessary to access any of SNAP’s services.

SNAP Training:
Holistic Approaches to Challenging Behaviour and Meltdowns

Wednesday 17th October
– 11.15am to 1.15pm or 7.00pm to 9.00pm for registered parents and 4.00pm to 6.00pm for professionals

Independent autism trainer and consultant Geoff Evans will be returning to SNAP to discuss what contributes to challenging behaviour in autism, and provide a range of practical strategies that support with challenging behaviour, meltdowns and shutdowns. The focus of the talk is to understand that behaviours in autism are complex and require a holistic approach that addresses each component of the behaviour and supports the person as a whole.

Activities at SNAP

Here you can find out more about the wide range of activities that SNAP has to offer for children and young people aged 0 to 25 years who have any special need or disability, their siblings and their parents.

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SNAP organises a unique and diverse calendar of specialist talks for parents and professionals

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