Anyone can leave money to a charity in their will – known as a legacy. Legacies can make a huge difference to charities. Once your family and friends are looked after, you might want to consider the possibility of leaving a legacy to SNAP.

By remembering SNAP in this way, you can help to ensure our good work carries on, and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax your heirs will have to pay. You can write a will with a professional solicitor who can advise you on how to leave a gift to charity; if you already have a will, your solicitor can simply add the legacy you would like to leave to it (called a codicil).

There are three types of legacy you can write in a will:

  • Pecuniary – the simplest and most common form of legacy to leave. You are stating you wish to leave a set amount to a charity.
  • Specific – where you leave a particular item to a charity.
  • Residuary – where you leave the share of what’s left to a charity once everything else has been paid i.e. gifts, taxes, and costs.

Enquire about SNAP Legacies

If you would like to leave a gift to SNAP we can provide the details you will need such as our charity number and address. Please get in contact with SNAP by emailing [email protected].

Other ways to donate

There are a range of alternative opportunities if you would like to help SNAP continue to provide its vital support for families

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