Super Pig to the Rescue!

pig-clipart-1Pick up your ‘Super Pig’ and help provide vital information services to local families

Having a child with a disability can often be daunting, and the amount of information online can be overwhelming and confusing. With your help ‘Super Pig’ is bringing hope by raising money to support the vital information services that are important to so many local families – and he needs you!

You may have benefited from the specialist library and resources yourself or know someone who has. So you probably know how essential these facilities are in helping to empower parents, by providing all the information and support families need to better understand their child. Even a few pounds in your ‘Super Pig’ can help buy vital books.

Keep your 'Super Pig' at home or in the work place and fill it with coins to super-charge its powers. Once your 'Super Pig' is full, either empty him yourself or drop him into The SNAP Centre where he will be emptied and returned to continue his heroic duties.

Here is how important your support is to families:

In 2013 there were 1,121 specialist books borrowed and 1,683 SNAP information sheets used (SNAP has developed a comprehensive range of information sheets that provide parents with focused information in an accessible format.

“The library is invaluable and the staff have always been particularly supportive to our family…I don’t know how I would have coped without them” Suzanne, Billericay.

“The advice and resources available have been a huge help in understanding my son’s hearing loss” David, Brentwood.

How to get your ‘Super Pig’ and start making a difference

To pick up your very own 'Super Pig' from the centre, please talk to a member of the SNAP team. If they have all gone, we’ll call in reinforcements!

Also if you already have a SNAP piggy bank we can upgrade him to a ‘Super Piggy’ with a special super sticker!