Safety at SNAP

The safety and well-being of our families, carers, volunteers and the SNAP Team is our top priority.

After careful consultation, we have put in place measures to help reduce the risk of the spread of infection. We have carried out a full risk assessment. Details of some of the safety measures are detailed below. To help you to prepare for your trip to The SNAP Centre, here are some photos and a video to show you some of the visible changes.

Our safety measures

Here are some of the safety measures that we have put in place:

Taking Covid Lateral Flow Tests

Members of staff who come in to The SNAP Centre are taking a Covid-19 lateral flow test every three days that they are in the Centre. We ask all adult visitors to The SNAP Centre to take a test prior to arrival. If your test is positive, do not come to The SNAP Centre and follow the Government guidelines.

Wearing masks

SNAP is open for those with a pre-arranged appointment. Masks are required for all adults and young people eleven-years-old and above coming to The SNAP Centre. Members of staff will wear masks during sessions with families.

Training and PPE

Staff are all aware of the procedures that are in place to reduce the risk of the spread of infection. Anyone who comes to The SNAP Centre is asked to wear their own mask as outlined above. We will have PPE available for use in the case of an emergency.

Additional regular cleaning

Thorough cleaning routines are taking place regularly, throughout the day. We have also increased the number of cleaning sessions that our cleaning company provide.

Sanitising stations

Hand sanitiser and tissues are readily available throughout the SNAP Centre. Hand washing facilities are also available.

COVID-19 symptom check

Signage will ask those with symptoms not to enter The SNAP Centre. Temperatures will be taken for everyone who enters with a non-contact thermometer on the wrist area. Those with a reading above 38 degrees centigrade will be asked to leave The SNAP Centre as this indicates a fever, and advised to contact NHS 111.

Test and Trace

Notification from the Track and Trace service must be reported and individuals should self-isolate as advised.


Where possible windows and doors will be kept open.

Toys to be used in sessions

Each session will be supplied with its own toys. These will then be thoroughly cleaned before another session.

Contactless payment

Payments are encouraged to be made by card, ideally using the contactless feature. There is no longer a lower limit for payments.

Reducing the risk of the spread of infection

Those entering The SNAP Centre are asked to follow the guidelines to reduce the risk of the spread of infection as some of the families who come to The SNAP Centre are particularly vulnerable. Please do not attend your appointment and let us know if:

  • you or any member of your household, or someone you have been in close contact with, has or has had Covid-19 symptoms or a confirmed case of Covid-19, within 10 days prior to your play session/appointment
  • anyone coming to The SNAP Centre has returned from a country that requires isolation on your return, within 10 days prior to your play session/appointment
  • anyone coming into The SNAP Centre has Covid-19 symptoms including a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.



Although we will take every precaution we can, regarding safety measures and cleanliness, there are no guarantees regarding infection risks, and families must take personal responsibility for their own hygiene and social distancing and that of their child/children.

A full risk assessment has been completed, and is available to view on request.

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