Strictly Sweepstake

Have some fun with our SNAP Sweepstake for Strictly Come Dancing 2019 by inviting your friends, family and colleagues to take part and raise vital funds for SNAP. It’s as simple as “one, two, three, cha-cha-cha”!

Download your SNAP Sweepstake Pack for Strictly Come Dancing 2019

Organising a SNAP Sweepstake for Strictly Come Dancing 2019 is an easy and fun way to help raise money for SNAP

Just follow our 4 steps to play:

  1. Print and cut out the names of the contestants from the bottom of this page, fold up and ask your friends or colleagues to pick a name out of a hat. You could also suggest they make a donation to take part (£3).
  2. Keep a record of everyone’s chosen contestant using our handy table on the right. Decide what prize you will award the winner.
  3. After the Strictly Come Dancing Final, present the winner with their prize and make a donation to SNAP by contacting us at [email protected] or call 01277 245345.
  4. And remember… keep dancing!

Thank you for helping us make a difference to so many families across Essex; we really couldn’t do it without the wonderful support of the community

If you need anything else from us of have any questions please email [email protected]

For details about the show visit the official BBC Strictly Come Dancing website.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is a registered trademark of the BBC.

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