Piggy Banks

By picking up one of SNAP’s ‘Super Pigs’ and collecting coins you can help provide vital information services to local families in need of support. It’s a squeally easy way to raise funds for SNAP!

Having a child with any special need or disability can often be daunting, and the amount of information online can be confusing. With your help our army of ‘Super Pigs’ can help to raise money to support the vital information services to help empower parents to better understand their child.

Keep your ‘Super Pig’ at home, or in the workplace, and fill it with coins to super-charge its powers! Once his belly is full, either empty him yourself, or drop him into The SNAP Centre where he will be emptied and returned to continue his heroic duties.

This easy way to start fundraising for SNAP will help to make a difference, even a few pounds in your ‘Super Pig’ can help fund vital books.

To pick up your very own ‘Super Pig’ from The SNAP Centre, please talk to a member of the SNAP team, or contact the fundraising team on 01277 245345 or by emailing [email protected]

Piggy Banks have raised more than £9,419 since they first trotted to SNAP in 2012!

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    would make sure a parent had a place to turn to by providing an initial helpline conversation with a Family Support Adviser

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    could fund art and messy play materials for a pre-school activity club. These sessions provide a stimulating and sensory experience for the children.

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    could fund a one-hour individual session for a child whose condition (e.g. lack of immune system) means they are unable to participate in a group session.

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    could fund several educational books for our Specialist Library, an invaluable resource for parents and professionals.

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    could fund a vital family counselling session for our parents and children.

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