Although the children enjoy the activities, I have benefited so much from being able to talk to other parents and access support for me.

Janine - Thurrock

It is such a warm and friendly place and we can sit and relax with a coffee knowing both children are so happy - we never get a chance to do this anywhere else.

Rachel - Brentwood

Tuesday 30th January 2018

Boys on the Autism Spectrum Coffee Morning

Following our previous coffee mornings for parents of daughters with ASD, we hosted our first specific coffee morning for parents with sons on the autism spectrum.

48 parents attended this event with sons ranging in age from 2 to 15 years old, each with their own individual strengths and challenges. This provided a wide range of interesting insights and discussion.
Part of the morning was spent talking about common areas where parents would like more information or support. Members of the SNAP Family Team gave suggestions and signposted to available support, as well as talking about what resources are available here at the SNAP centre.

We were also joined by a longstanding SNAP family who has set up a Facebook support group for parents of children with special needs.

The morning came to a close with SNAP informing parents about the new resources in our library, the range of SNAP services on offer for their sons which include our after-school clubs, and the range of parent training available through the year.

Parents were welcome to stay afterwards for a coffee and to meet and chat with the other parents at the event.

Following the interest and overwhelming positive feedback received, SNAP is planning another similar event in the future. Feedback from the session will be used to help plan future coffee mornings, including having specialist speakers present to talk to families.  


Here are just a few more examples of the feedback received:

“Great help, really nice to hear families are going through the same things and we are not alone.”

“Very helpful and informative, I’m still learning new things even though I have attended a few training events”

“A very informative and helpful session, looking forward to attending some more.”

“Really interesting hearing from other parents. Good to have more direction on relevant websites and books.”