Although the children enjoy the activities, I have benefited so much from being able to talk to other parents and access support for me.

Janine - Thurrock

It is such a warm and friendly place and we can sit and relax with a coffee knowing both children are so happy - we never get a chance to do this anywhere else.

Rachel - Brentwood

Friday 7th July 2017

Moving to Secondary School 2017

Over 30 SNAP parents joined our 3-session Moving to Secondary School course recently to focus on all the issues and concerns they have regarding their child’s move to a new school.

Parents were offered help with how to choose a school and prepare for a smooth transition.  They were given a variety of practical ideas and strategies to support their child’s organisational skills both at home and in the new environment.

Linda (the course tutor) has been delivering this course to SNAP families each year since 2004.  She provides a comprehensive pack of handouts, alongside additional information sheets and books from the SNAP library.  Linda was joined by SNAP advisers Andrea and Kate to facilitate the sessions.

Andrea, the SNAP Family Information Officer has been helping Linda with this course for many years. “I have seen a number of significant changes to the course content over the years, particularly due to technological advancements both within school and available to parents and students at home. They have made it so much easier to implement really useful strategies for coping with secondary school and I’m glad we can continue to share some tips and ideas with parents at this worrying time in their child’s school career.”

Feedback from the parents who attended was overwhelmingly positive:

“I’ve found out there’s so much more I can do to help with the transition.”

“The course has opened my eyes and really helped me through this process at a critical time.”

“This course offered far more practical help than I ever imagined.”

“It made me feel more positive about the future.”