Although the children enjoy the activities, I have benefited so much from being able to talk to other parents and access support for me.

Janine - Thurrock

It is such a warm and friendly place and we can sit and relax with a coffee knowing both children are so happy - we never get a chance to do this anywhere else.

Rachel - Brentwood

News Tuesday 12th September 2017

Coffee, Cake and Catch-up 2017

The homemade cupcakes will be in a-bun-dance once again for SNAP's Coffee, Cake and Catch-up event on Wednesday, 8th October 2017. Families, friends, volunteers and supporters are all invited drop-in to our annual get-together between 11.00am and 2.00pm.


News Wednesday 16th August 2017

This little piggy went to SNAP

As we all get used to the shiny new 12-sided pound coin, the old round pound could still be of value to SNAP.

The old pound coin will cease to be legal tender on 15 October, 2017 and after this date shops, restaurants and other businesses will not accept it, but SNAP has a valuable use for these coins if supporters could donate them to the charity. It will still be possible to exchange or deposit the old pound coin into accounts at most high street banks and at the Post Office and so SNAP is hoping that people will see this as an opportunity to give a little to the local community.

New supporter, Becky Allison, has already decided to do exactly that.


News Tuesday 8th August 2017

Make a 'hole' lot of difference

SNAP's annual Golf Day takes place on Friday 29th September and we're already a 'fairway' towards sponsoring each golf hole; now we just need a few final caring businesses to make our fundraising go with a swing by ensuring all 18 holes are taken!



News Wednesday 19th July 2017

Star trekker Joy

Joy Baker took part in the Thames Bridges Challenge last year with her husband Ian and relished the opportunity to give to her local community.

"I've known about SNAP since it began in 1994 as I know the charity's founder, Hilary Needham. I've seen at close range the challenges that come with parenting a child with special needs and it's inspiring to see the way SNAP has grown into the incredible charity it is today," said Joy.