The SNAP Directory is the one place to find all the help and advice that is available to me for my son's particular needs.

Carol - Brentwood

Thanks to the SNAP Directory I don't feel so alone, knowing there are so many places to go for help and advice and things to do.

Nancy - Basildon

Welcome to the home of SNAP's Information Services.

One of SNAP's primary aims is to inform parents, so that they can grow in strength and knowledge and become better equipped to give the best possible help to their children. The following range of SNAP Services work towards this aim. Simply click on the image or link below to find out more...

SNAP Directory

Compiled, written, researched and produced by SNAP with the aim to benefit everyone in Essex concerned with the welfare of children and young people with special needs and disabilities, our Online Directory aims to provide a comprehensive guide to useful contacts to point you in the right direction.

Developed over SNAP's 21 year history, entries in the directory have been identified during the course of our everyday work as a charity supporting families who have children with disabilities.

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Information Networks 

inowl4 inowl7 

4+                      7+

inowl11 inowl16
11+                      16+

The four Information Networks are designed to share useful information that SNAP receives about events and opportunities for young people and their carers in and around Essex for specific age groups.

New information is updated twice a month covering a range of topics including social opportunities in the local area, events that are time limited, useful information relating to benefits or provision and much more.

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Survival Guides

summer     christmas
   Summer                 Christmas

Compiled, written, researched and produced by SNAP to help families cope with the Summer and Christmas holidays, SNAP's Survival Guides are designed with families in mind to help make these sometimes difficult periods in the year a little easier. With tips and ideas, suggestions for activities and local organisations' activity schedules, along with need to know information for the Summer and Christmas periods, our survival guides are here to help.

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Useful Articles

This is the place you can go to where SNAP has brought together a range of useful articles from a range of helpful organisations, parents' own experiences or information that SNAP would like to share with families. If you would like to share a useful experience with families or have any suggestions of organisations to include, please contact SNAP to research further.

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