share giftDo you have a small holding of shares that is uneconomic to sell, or a large holding from which you can spare a few? If yes, you can help SNAP!

Sharegift is a registered charity (1052686) which was set up to provide a charitable solution to the problem of shares which are not worth selling on their own – a real headache for both shareholders and companies – and SNAP could be a beneficiary.

If you would like to donate shares, please contact ShareGift and mention you are a supporter of SNAP. You can find more information by contacting ShareGift on 020 7930 3737 or through the ShareGift website.

If you do donate shares you may choose to tell us – Sharegift never pass on the names of donors. Of course, we understand if you wish your donation to remain confidential.

Donating shares can be very tax efficient, especially if you are a higher rate taxpayer, as there is no capital gain or loss on shares donated to charity and you can claim income tax relief on the value of the shares.

In order to qualify for the tax relief, the shares or securities must be:

  • listed or dealt on a recognised UK or foreign stock exchange
  • units in authorised unit trusts
  • shares in a UK open-ended investment company
  • holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes

For more information on tax relief for gifts of shares to charity and what records you need to keep contact the HM Revenue & Customs helpline on 0845 900 0444 - or read the HMRC guidance notes.

Every donation will make a difference for SNAP.