SNAP has made a huge difference to my family and I'm definitely a happier mummy.

Amy - Chelmsford

We cannot thank SNAP enough for arranging SIBS4FUN which has given our daughter a fantastic opportunity to build her confidence and independence, while making new friends.

Jill - Brentwood

Ready, steady, grow...

Here's five easy ways to fundraise at your place of work; hopefully this will give you some inspiration.

1. Bake! Make cakes and sell them to your work colleagues, or even hold a Bake Off competition at work, charge a small fee for each baked entry, award a winner and then sell off slices of the cakes.

2. Opaque! Have a SNAP Piggy Bank on your desk where colleagues can pop any odd change into. It's also a very visual reminder of the good cause you are raising money for.

3. Remake! There are a growing number of companies that are willing to match their employee's donation to charity. Is this something your employer participates in?

4. Double take! Get a baby photo from all your colleagues and charge them to match the correct photo to the co-worker. Prize for the most correct answers.

5. Pride at stake! Hold a quiz between departments. Find a venue, write some questions and invite everyone to pay and come along for some friendly team rivalry.

For other great ideas, visit our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas