Handy reminder for race day preparation

Last minute training tips to keep you on track

1) Keep hydrated

Don't ever underestimate hydration! Ensure you drink enough water leading up to the race.

2) Get enough sleep

This is one of the most important training tools. Make sure you get adequate sleep and rest especially in the last two days leading up the race. This can be the difference to a good or bad race day.

3) Eat well

Make a plan to eat well leading up the race, and stick to it! Be mindful of any foods that you know your body doesn't take kindly to.

Peparation before the big day!

Pack your bag

Make sure you have your kit and any spare items you may need ready the night before. This can give you an extra few valuable minutes of sleep the next day! You could even pin your number on to your running vest. Think about what you may need before and after the race too.

Get organised

Ensure you have all your entry paperwork, route and parking information, plus any medical details required and an emergency contact telephone name and number.

Race day is not the time for new purchases

Don't try anything new on the day of the race such as foods or running shoes.

Look at the route

Check your travel route to the event, any diversions that may be in place and how long it will take.

Check the weather report

Get a local weather report the day before and pack your kit accordingly.

Get an early night

Make sure you get an early night in the two nights leading up the race, not just the night before. Just in case you don't sleep well the night before.

Get to the event early

Plan to arrive with plenty of time to go to avoid any last minute stresses such as parking. This also gives you enough time to check-in, visit the toilet and do the warm up exercise properly.

Invite supporters

Don't forget to invite your family and friends to come and cheer you along and to capture that all important 'running photo of you.' If you know your rough timings and have checked the course may you will be able to give them a good estimate of what time they can expect to see you coming along.

Don't forget to plan how to celebrate your achievement

Whether you go out for dinner or a drink with your fellow runners and supporters afterwards, or maybe book yourself the day off work on the Friday for a massage.

Look out for your official race email from Birketts a few days before Thursday 15th June.