Saturday 23rd June 2018

SNAP's Nuclear Experience

SNAP's Nuclear Experience

One of the messiest ways to support SNAP

It's Mind Over Mudder

Join 'Team SNAP' as we take on some of Nuclear's greatest obstacles together! This marvellously mad mud event is perfect for anyone looking to get muddy and enjoy a fun challenge with friends, all while supporting SNAP!

An exhilarating 5K course packed with your favourite obstacles, including the Deathslide and Ziplines over water!

The event is from 1pm to 4pm, £45 per person and is suitable for ages 13 years+

How to register for this event and take part in aid of SNAP:

If you are up to the challenge of this incredibly rewarding course then you can check availability and register through SNAP's Nuclear Experience page.

Why your sponsorship matters:

SNAP relies on the money raised through sponsorships and is extremely grateful for all the support we receive. More than 2,050 families are currently receiving help from SNAP and over the past 23 years 4,100 families have been supported by SNAP. This is only possible due to the continued support of the local community and sponsorships from events such as this.

For more details contact SNAP on 01277 245345 or email fundraising@snapcharity.org.